All that stress simply evaporated

After months of missed opportunities, medical errors, and delays, my diagnosis came as a bombshell; Stage 4 Brain Cancer.

Bewildered but determined, I began looking at the options for family accommodation in Christchurch for the duration of my six-week course of Radiotherapy. There were several options that I knew of, but they all required transport to and from the hospital and were not an easy walk to the city. Parking at the hospital was non-existent and it was all becoming a massive stress for me. Six weeks of ordering taxi’s, waiting for shuttles, travel time, weather, etc. This was going to be either difficult, or very expensive.

I ended up mentioning my frustration to one of my contacts and they said I should try contacting Ranui House, 200 metres from the hospital. “But aren’t they only for blood cancer patients”, I asked. The answer was surely too good to be true, “Nope, they take anyone, patients and support people alike.”

A quick phone call to Ranui House confirmed they could place me in a two-bedroom apartment for the entire six weeks. I cried instantly. All that stress simply evaporated.

I cannot thank the team at Ranui House enough. They know exactly what they’re doing and why they are doing it. What a blessing it was for me and my family.

Aroha Nui. Marc Steyn – Nelson