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Ranui House
Bone Marrow Cancer Trust

PO Box 8339
1 Cambridge Terrace
Christchurch 8013

Phone: (03) 377 2515

If you have a media enquiry for Ranui House, the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust or the Bone Marrow Cancer Research Trust please contact Mandy Kennedy

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How can we help?

This page has some of our most common enquiries.
You may also like to look at our FAQs page.

How can I make a one-off or monthly donation to Ranui?

Thanks for supporting Ranui! You can donate online using a credit card or debit card here. You are also welcome to phone our friendly team on 03 377 2515 who can take your details directly.

If you prefer to make donations by automatic payment, please email and include:

  • Your full name and contact details
  • The amount of your donation and if this is a single or monthly donation

If you are giving a monthly donation: when you would like those donations to start. We will reply with our bank details and your unique ID reference number which you can give to your bank.

I am a donor and I need to update my account details.

Please email us your new details at  Our friendly team will make these changes and send you a confirmation email. Alternatively, you can call our team on 03 377 2515. We’re happy to help you over the phone.

I want to donate products /services to Ranui.

If you would like to donate product or services, please get in touch with our team at

Does Ranui need volunteers?

We are always looking for fundraising volunteers who are willing to help generate awareness and funds.  Please contact us on