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No Smoking

Ranui House is a 'non-smoking' house and grounds.  We made this decision in consideration of other non-smoking residents, especially patients. We also wish to promote good health practices and ensure the safety of the house.

Communal Kitchen

Guests provide their own food.  Each unit has its own storage area in the main kitchen, as well as storage in their units.  The kitchen has ovens, fridges, freezers, microwaves, benchtop grill, George Foreman griller, electric frypans, crockpot, blender, food processor, rice cooker, and breadmaker.

Keys, Safety & Security

Ranui is locked 24 hours a day for security. Residents are given a security key tag for entrance to the building and a key for their unit.  There is an intercom system that allows access for visitors.  Please ensure you lock your unit at all times.  We do not take responsibility for any valuables left in your unit.  The stairs are the main fire exit, so please keep clear at all times.  Triton Securities check the ground floor three times a night, both inside and out.


There is one car park per unit for residents;  Little Ranui's is on Cashel Street for Little Ranui residents only and Big Ranui's is underground - the security tag enables entry. These car parks are strictly for residents staying at Ranui.  There is one tradesman car park in Cashel Street designated as a towaway area. Be sure to lock your car.

Animals (including birds) Policy

Under medical advice the Trust does not allow any animals or birds (including service dogs) on the premises, as many of our patients are receiving treatment and as a consequence their immune system is compromised.

Telephone Communications

Incoming Calls - Ranui has an automated voice-mail system for residents receiving incoming calls.  The residential phone number is (03) 377-0501.  When this number is dialed an automated voice will answer with 'Welcome to Ranui House', 'Follow the instructions given.'  You need to know the unit number of the person you are calling.
(It is important that you give the phone number and the unit number you will be residing in, to friends and family once you arrive at Ranui House so that they are able to contact you).

Outgoing Calls - There are phones in all units.  The phones are tollbarred.  However if you have an 0800 number or a Telecom 0125 or Clear calling card you are able to utilise these from the unit phones. Mobile phones are permitted on the premises.

Recreational Facilities

There is an enclosed garden area suitable for children.  A gas barbecue, gas heater and outdoor furniture is also provided.

Sky Sports TV is provided in both communal lounges.  We also have a good range of books, adults and children's videos, playstations, and a sewing machine available for residents to use.

Fire Precautions

The house is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, a fire hose and extinguishers.  We remind you that smoking is not permitted on the premises.

Checking Out

Please notify the staff as soon as possible when you expect to check out.  Check out time is 9.30 am and if the office is closed please leave the key in your room and lock your door when you leave. The management reserve the right to ask occupants to vacate their unit if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.  Thank you for your co-operation and help while staying at the Ranui House.  We welcome any suggestions to improve the house and our service.

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