A haven during a very dark time

Rānui House was a haven during a very dark time for our family in 2020. When, at the end of lockdown, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and the Sarcoma Clinic in Christchurch was deemed the best place for our treatment, our happy lives in Wanaka fell apart. Through all the turmoil, stress, heartbreak and devastation that eventuated for us over the next eight months, Rānui was a place that I remember as a light in the midst of a very dark tunnel.

The location of Rānui House to Christchurch Hospital was amazing. To be able to come and go from the hospital several times a day without the worry of distance or parking made visits much easier. The comfort of the accommodation, the ease of accessibility as things progressed in the worst direction, the friendliness of staff, and their efforts to make our stay as comfortable as possible was beyond expectation.

The familiarity of the place and the staff made regular and frequent visits back to Christchurch feel a little less daunting. Rānui provided us with a lot more than a roof when we needed it – we felt like we were welcomed back each and every time with so much love, compassion and kindness. We were offered meals, invited to gatherings with other families experiencing their own battles, and our children were welcomed and catered for whenever we were able to have them alongside us.

Although my husband’s battle ended in January 2021, I know Curly would thank me for writing this recommendation. Rānui House was his first choice for our many visits to Christchurch. His appreciation for the facility and the wonderful people who work there is near impossible to put into words. We hope other families from Central Otago having to spend time in Christchurch Hospital are able to be welcomed at Rānui. With all our hearts, our family thank everyone who welcomed and supported us at Rānui House.

Leah Allison and Family – Wanaka