The need for family accommodation

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It has been proven that technological and medical advances can save lives but family support remains a vital element in a patients response to treatment. Hence Ranui House has a huge impact on the emotional well being of these patients and their families in providing family apartments and a supportive environment. It enables families to stay in everyday contact with the patient during their treatment. This emotional support goes hand-in-hand with medical treatment and its beneficial effect cannot be under-estimated.

If you don't live in Christchurch it is the difference between having to face treatment alone - or with the support of your family and friends.

For the family, living at Ranui House is about supporting the patient. The accommodation is splendid but life centres around the patient. The patient is either in Hospital undergoing treatment, or is living at Ranui House while undergoing outpatient treatment. For them life only revolves around what is happening day to day. It is very much a case of taking one day at a time.

In the words of a patient

It is a rude awakening to arrive in a strange place, dressed in yesterday's clothes, without a dollar in your pocket.  Add to that the worry of knowing that having totally reorganized your entire household and children, your husband is now on a five hour drive, alone, in the dark, with no sleep from the previous night.  Compound this further with the knowledge that your child, your only daughter of 22 months, is now fighting for her life, and may loose her battle at any moment.

On a list of how stressful was your day, this one would have to be right up there!!

We spent the first night sleeping in chairs, the following three on a single bed, and a single mattress on the floor, in a hospital room. 

Perhaps now you can understand the sheer relief to find out about the "Angel Allison", who dwelt in a castle fit for a princess, over the bridge (which had no trolls!!!)

We spent a total of 68 days in Ranui that visit, and have returned often since for visits with specialists.  When your world is in turmoil with many things you cannot control, it is such a huge thing to find refuge from it all.  The only problem we ever had at Ranui , was getting our six year old son to leave, he wanted to either buy an apartment, or book it for a holiday!!

In the healthcare system, there are often tiresome and arduous battles fought, thanks to the Bone Marrow  Cancer Trust and Ranui House, there is now a safe place to fall.

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