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Bookings are made in various ways prior to arriving at Ranui House.  
For further information please contact Ranui House . 

Ranui House 
1 Cambridge Terrace
P O Box 8339
Christchurch 8440
New Zealand
Ph +64 3 377 2515
Fax +64 3 377 2511

Residential Mailing Address:
Ranui House
1 Cambridge Terrace
Christchurch 8013

Residents Phone Number
(03) 377 -0501 & Flat No#

The office is staffed 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and we ask that patients/caregivers arrive by 3 pm to be booked in. At this time you will be given your keys, shown the security system and taken to your unit. On the occasion that it is not possible to arrive within these hours, prior arrangements must be made as a staff member has to be on site to book patients/caregivers in.

Ranui House has an automated voice mail system for residents receiving incoming telephone calls.  The residential phone number is (03) 377-0501.  When this number is dialed an automated voice will answer 'Welcome to Ranui House', For the kitchen press 0, or press the flat number you require.'  It is important to give the phone number and flat number you will be residing in to friends and family before coming to Ranui House.

On arrival in Christchurch please register at Ranui House as soon as possible so that you can obtain your keys, meet staff, and be shown around. 

The office hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday however you will need to be at Ranui House by 3 p.m. as the booking in process takes approx 3/4 hour.  The management has overall responsibility for all bookings, arrivals and departures and should be kept informed of your situation and plans.  Should you be unable to arrive within these hours, please contact the office to make alternative arrangements, as soon as possible.

If the accommodation is not funded by the National Travel Assistance, there will be a charge per night per unit.  Should residents wish to have a guest stay overnight there may be a cost per person per night.  This will be at the discretion of management.  Management must be consulted first.

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