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The Bone Marrow Cancer Trust (BMCT) was formed in 1990 (as the South Island Bone Marrow Transplant Trust). BMCT is a Charitable Trust with an extremely successful track record.

Bone Marrow Cancer Trust's Journey - Supporting Patients & Families 

November 1990 - South Island Bone Marrow Transplant Trust Established
Feburary 1991 - Fundraising Appeal Launched
May 1991 - Purchased Little Ranui Site - Freehold
December 1991 - Completion & Opening of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Christchurch Hospital - Freehold
July 1992 - Construction of Little Ranui Commenced
Feburary 1993 - Little Ranui House Opened - Freehold
Feburary 1995 - Opening of Additional Floor Extension to Little Ranui - Freehold
Dec 1995 - Cashel / Cambridge Site Purchased for Future Development 
2004 - Trust Conducted Feasibility Study
Feburary 2005 - Decision to Build Additional Accommodation
October 2006 - Construction commenced on the New Building
March 2008 - First residents accommodated in the new building
July 2010 - Purchase of a 2830m² block of land Selwyn Street/Waller Tce (opposite Hagley Park) for future development - Freehold
May 2014 - Purchase of two properties in Selwyn Street. Total area approximately 1050m² - Freehold

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

The Bone Marrow Unit is a 15 bed, purpose built unit. The unit has 9 single isolation rooms. All these rooms have ensuites, televisions, videos, DVD, Sky TV, telephones, radios and CD players to help make the patients stay in isolation a little easier to cope with. There is also a Big Softie chair in each room. The isolation rooms have a lovely outlook onto the river. Each room has one-way glass, which enables patients to see the lovely view, and people passing by cannot see in. Each isolation room is off an airlock to prevent cross infection and has special air filtration. The unit also has a four-bed room with a solarium attached. The solarium has a view of the river, Big Softie chairs and a television. The Unit also has a two-bed room. The four and two-bed rooms are not isolation rooms. 

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Ranui House have been visited by World renowned transplant physicians, including Professor E Donnall Thomas who received a Noble Prize for his work in developing bone marrow transplantation. Without exception they have declared the transplant and accommodation facilities to be of the highest standard in comparison to similar facilities around the World. The Trust is proud of its achievements to date and will continue to actively support patients in need of this treatment from all areas of New Zealand.

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